Travel Tips Before You Hit The Road This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is undoubtedly the busiest travel time of the year with infamous transportation delays, traffic and travel snags.  But with some planning you may ease some travel headaches and a drama-free adventure. Whether you’re heading home for the holidays, or escaping for a little getaway, you’ll be thankful for these thanksgiving travel tips.

We suggest you give yourself enough time to check these items off your checklist and make sure your vehicle is ready to hit the road.

Items to check 

  • Test the battery
  • Make sure your windshield washer fluid is topped off
  • Check your windshield wiper blades and make sure they are working properly
  • Check tire pressure and tread depth
  • Check your rear and front lamps and replace any bulbs that are burnt out
  • Check your oil and fluids

Make an emergency road basket with all these items

  • First aid kit
  • Jumper cables
  • Ice scraper
  • Snow brush
  • Sand, cat litter or traction mats
  • Small shovel
  • Gloves, hats and blankets
  • Rags and paper towels
  • Snacks
  • Water Bottles
  • Flashlights with fresh batteries ad warning flares or triangles
  • Warm clothes
  • Basic had tools
  • Chargers for your phones


Map your route out ahead of time

The roads are going to be hectic so planning out your route ahead of time may save you from a lot of trouble. Assume things may cause you to reroute so plan accordingly. Also, check weather conditions before you begin your journey .


Take a break every few hours

Breaking up the drive will help you be more alert while you’re on the road. Allow enough travel time to assume you will need to stop every 2 hours for about 15-20 min. We know you just want to get to your destination but it’s important to stay alert during this busy travel time.