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"Never cheat the customers" are the exact words that you would hear come out of Mr. Santostefano's mouth. Since 1973 he has devoted a majority of his time and energy into his business by working hard, satisfying every customers needs, and being extremely fair in his pricing. Passion is the main component that drove Mr. Santostefano to succeed in his business. He was always fascinated in being able to make a banged up vehicle look beautiful again!

 What keeps us motivated is the strong passion our staff has for the Auto Repair Industry. We try to exceed and surpass all of our customers expectations. Santostefano Auto Body has gained respect throughout Middletown and the surrounding towns based on quality repairs, dedication, and honesty. When choosing the right collision repair shop, people can sometimes walk into a bigger mess then they originally started with. At Santostefano Auto Body we make sure our customers satisfaction is at the top of our list. Over the years, word of mouth advertising is what has kept us strong. We've built long lasting relationships with our customers, customers families, customers friends, and all of the people we work with. If you talk to the locals, they may tell you about their experiences with us, which may include anything from lemon tree's, fig tree's, gardening, wine, and endless stories that will  make you feel like family!

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Santostefano Auto Body genuinely care's about pleasing their customers. This is why we like to explain to our customer exactly how we came up with the pricing for our estimates. Our motto for over 40 years is to treat every job like it were our own vehicle. The staff at Santostefano Auto Body knows how stressful car damage can be. With our help, the staff can alleviate some stress for you by dealing with the insurance companies for you!  Once you have a claim number, call us,  and we'll take care of everything else. From dealing with your insurance, to making sure you have a ride, we will do it all! 

Within the past year, Sebastian's twin granddaughters, Adriana and Sabrina, have decided to take on the family business.They have grown up around the shop since they were tots. Now, having recently graduated with Marketing degree's, they have decided to learn more about the Auto Repair Industry, run, and manage the family business. Over the next year the shop will be undergoing new renovations and adding new additional services! 





Come stop by for your free estimate, and meet the new generation. We look forward to assisting you with your Auto Repair needs. 






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Sebastian:  Better known as Sebby, was the original proud owner of Santostefano Auto Body. He  committed many years to the Auto Repair Industry. After working in dealerships for over 10 years, he decided to open up his own business in 1973. With hard work and determination he was able to provide customers with excellent service, high quality work for all auto repair jobs, for a fair price. He was passionate about making sure every vehicle perfect, and that every customer left with a smile on their face. 

Joe: Joe has worked for Santostefano Auto Body for  28 years. He is also a hard and dedicated worker who is known for his excellent vehicle repair skills. Joe can make any vehicle look beautiful again. Joe is patience and persistent in assuring the vehicle is fixed right. Joe is well known from the locals, he is always assisting in helping customer with quick fixes. He keeps busy by helping manage the office, and keeping the shop on track. Thank you Joe for your continuous hard work over the years, Santostefano Auto Body appreciates your dedication to our business.

Brandon: Brandon is our newest member, and is already adding great value to our team. With over 1,530hrs in trained Automotive Technology he has a lot to offer to our customers. His expertise is on Automotive Engine & Repair, Electronic Diagnostics, Automatic Transmissions, Electronic Fundamentals, Fuel & Ignition systems, Advanced Electronic Fundamentals and Technology, Power & Performance 1A, 1B, 2 , Climate Control, Advanced Diagnostic Systems, Automotive Powertrain, Professional Applications. Brakes/ Undercar/ Suspension, engine blueprinting, and troubleshooting. He is also great at detailing, and being a team player. 

Adriana & SabrinaAdriana and Sabrina, also known as "The Twins" have grown up in the shop since they were tots! Now having graduated from college with Marketing degree's they've decided to learn the family business. They are in-charge of all in office management, marketing, and everything else that the shop needs in order to run smoothly and successfully. Come stop by to meet the new generation and receive a free quote on your vehicle today! 

-Santostefano Auto Body 

We are conversational, not corporate. We establish trust with our customers and have the best trained staff!