11 Ways to Keep Your New Finish in Superb Condition

Here are 11 ways to keep your new finish on your vehicle looking superb


  1. Park in a garage or under a roof whenever possible.
  2. Avoid parking under trees
  3. Was the car frequently preferably by hand
  4. Don’t wash your car in the hot sun
  5. Do not wipe your car with a dry cloth. Always use water
  6. Avoid automatic car washes where brushes are used.
  7. If hand-held pressure washers are used, be aware they are capable of damaging the paint.
  8. Do not allow gasoline or antifreeze to stand on the surface.
  9. Do not wax for the first 120 days after painting.
  10. Have any paint nicks touched up as soon as they occur to protect against stains.
  11. Do not remove ice or snow form the painted surface with a scraper of any sort.